Mike E & Emma are always asking the big questions.

On the show this morning, Emma shared a story about accidentally seeing a VIPoo in her colleagues handbag and that started the rollercoaster that became…

‘What are the weirdest things people carry in their handbags’, and BOY are people weird. 

Mike E’s dad carries toilet paper in the boot of his car, and honestly GOOD ON HIM. Everyone should do this, you honestly never know. 

So from measuring tapes, to salt and pepper and Swiss army knives- Mike E & Emma fielded some of Sydney’s craziest people with hilarious calls.

But one lady was a real winner, her legendary mate carries NAPPIES to go CLUBBING so she doesn’t have to go pee in the public bathrooms.

Emma was right on when she yelled “WHO.DOES.THAT!”


Listen to today’s show below: 

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