A suburb in Sydney’s inner west has been labelled among the world’s coolest neighbourhoods, according to a global survey.

Marrickville has been named in the top 10 coolest neighbourhoods on earth, in city and lifestyle guide Time Out.

The high praise for the suburb comes in the publication’s annual list of the world’s 40 coolest neighbourhoods.

The survey asks locals to rank the best places in their city for fun, food, culture and a sense of community.

Traits which Marrickville has in spades, according to the survey.

Time Out raves about the suburb’s surprising dualities from artisan bakers, stylish sommeliers to hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese eats.

With a rich combination of Portuguese, Vietnamese, Italian & Greek migrants, Time Out reckons Marrickville’s culture has some of the most eclectiv food in Sydney!


Yarraville in Melbourne beat us at spot number 5 and was the only other Australian neighbourhood to crack the list.

Barcelona’s Esquerra de l’Eixample came in at number 1 on the cool list, with its mix of old and new architecture and down-to-earth vibe.

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