Admit it, every time you walk past one of those kid’s jungle gyms, you catch yourself looking longingly at the ball pit, wishing you could revisit the days where you could lose yourself to their multi-coloured grandeur. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, ball pits are awesome. Good news is, for a limited time, Sydney will be getting its very own adult Ball Pit to help you revisit the days where you could spend hours at a time entertained by a simple pit of coloured plastic.

For 3 awesome nights, Sydney’s Side Bar will have their entire basement flooded with 250,000 balls, glowing and showered with confetti cannons. For 7 hours – from 8PM to 3AM – on the 4th, 5th, and 6th of October, you’ll be able to have a crazy colourful night with neon cocktail buckets, your favourite Sydney DJs, and of course, the Ball Pit (and honestly, calling it a ‘pit’ really feels like an understatement).

You’ll need to get tickets if you want in on the action – good news is you can skip the lines by getting them ahead of time for $15 on Side Bar’s website.

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