“Hey Google; Where Did Ivan Milat Live?” That was one of the top Google Searches this week. Milat died on Sunday, so understandably many people were Googling what Milat did. Milat lived on the outskirts of Sydney near Bowral and the Belanglo State Forest, though his family originally came from around Liverpool.

While we were talking about it, Ashley called up because her mother-in-law grew up with Ivan Milat; apparently she was friends with Milat’s brother, and Ivan used to pick her up from school some days.

“Any signs of what he was going to be like back then?” Mike E asked,

“No, no she loved his family and everything, she thought his family was great” Ashley told us.

Ashley wasn’t the only listener with a story, either! Lauren called up because her mother’s friend bought the house in Eagle Vale while the court cases were ongoing.

“Knowing that it was Ivan Milat’s house?” Emma asked,

“Yeah…she didn’t really care, she saw it just like any other house.”


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