We all want to be free of our homes but at what cost?

In another dystopian big brother-esque twist, an app is being developed that traces every move you make.

On paper, the contact tracing app sounds okay, the app is already being used in Singapore and it allows the right people to trace where infected people have been and who they may have had trace contact with in the wider community. 

But in reality, it’s allowing the government to invade our personal space.

I don’t want some FBI agent to know how long I sit on the toilet for!

They don’t know I’m playing animal crossing in there?!

The app is underway and it is entirely optional if you’re happy to be traced.


The ABC has reported that roughly 40% of the population need to agree to be monitored for it to be effective.

I have my doubts that that will occur.

The National Cabinet is meeting today to discuss lifting restrictions in the near future in light of the roll out of this app.

Academics from Macquarie University and the University of Melbourne have talked about the implications of the app.

“Such apps could also be used as a tool for mass surveillance beyond the original purpose of COVID-19 contact tracing”, they have written online.

So strap in guys, the road to recovery is going to get weird.