The Coronavirus outbreak has been declared a public health emergency by the World Health Organisation and so it’s understandable why one Australian bar has been slammed for making light of the situation.

One bar in Western Australia has sparked outrage over the promotion over an event that is seriously out-of-touch, with plans to host a cornoavirus-themeed club night at the venue.

Fitzgerald’s Irish Bar in Banbury, WA has advertised the night on their social media last week.

They are also offering $6 Coronas at the bar all night and free face masks, with the promotion picture featuring a picture of a Corona beer wearing a face mask.

The event description reads, “There’s been a LOT of talk about Corona and to be honest its made us pretty thirsty.

“We’ve heard Corona is pretty popular at the moment. We’re not sure why though, it’s just beer isn’t it?


“$6 CORONA’S ALL NIGHT THIS SATURDAY. We dare you to find a better special.

“We (sort of) promise they aren’t contaminatined.”

The event promotion was posted on the bar’s Facebook page on Friday with the event taking place over the weekend.

Now, we don’t like taking things too seriously and we’re alway up for a bit of a joke, but this one might have taken things a bit too far if you ask us…

Do you think the advertisement is out of touch?

There have been 12 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Australia so far.


There are now more than 14,000 cases of the virus globally, with just over 300 deaths.