Scott Morrison announced the latest restrictions late last night that will come into effect from midnight tonight. 

Here’s a list of things we CAN’T do from tomorrow

  1. Go to an open house or auction
  2. Sit down and eat at a shopping centre FOOD COURT
  3. Having a wedding with more than 5 people (ie) Bride, Groom, Celebrant and 2 witnesses
  4. Hold a funeral with more than 10 people
  5. No massages, no tattoo, a waxing, NO GETTING YOUR NAILS DONE
  6. No hair appointments longer than 30 minutes
  7. Personal trainers can’t have more than 10 people with them at any time.

 The most important one for you young people is that now if you hold a house party it could be a CRIMINAL OFFENCE. 

That will be up to the state government to enforce. 

With all these new restrictions, it feels like total lockdown is inevitable.