For a long time, investigators have attempted to get a confession out of Australia’s worst serial killer, Ivan Milat.

Known as the backpacker murderer, Milat was found guilty of murdering seven backpackers during the 1990s but has always maintained his innocence.

The 74-year-old is currently serving seven life sentences at Long Bay and has been diagnosed with terminal oesophageal cancer this year. With his life on the line, detectives have been racing against time to get a confession out of him.

But now, the author behind the book Milat, Inside Australia’s Biggest Manhunt, has claimed that Ivan has actually confessed to his murders.

Clive Small claims that Ivan confessed his crimes to his mother and says that at least one other family member was aware he was a killer.

According to, Mr Small has said that Milat’s late mother Margaret heard a confession from him during a visit to Supermax prison, despite always publicly proclaiming his innocence.

Clive Small was the commanding officer of Task Force Air that charged Ivan after the bodies of seven backpackers were found in a makeshift grave at Belanglo.


He claims that after Margaret visited her son at the Supermax prison in September 2001 that she told her youngest child George that Ivan had confessed to the murders.

Margaret died at the age of 81 around October 10, 2001.

There are also claims that Ivan’s younger sister Shirley, whom some family embers claim Ivan may have had a sexual relationship with, also knew that he was guilty. She reportedly died in 2003.

It’s now reported that Ivan Milat’s cancer has temporarily retreated and that he has more time despite reports earlier this year that his diagnosis was so bad that he only had weeks left to live.

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