Todd Carney came in to visit us, promoting his new book “Hard Truth”, which details his rise and fall from being the hottest new thing in the NRL to the collapse of his career amidst alcohol-fuelled immaturity. We of course had to ask Todd about the biggest scandal of all; his “bubbler incident”, where he was captured pissing into his own mouth while drunk.

Carney has learned a lot over the years about how to handle himself and his relationship with alcohol, but to this day does not remember the incident;

“When I first got send the photo, I was like ‘what is that?'” he said, but over the years since has learned his limits, so he doesn’t black out and can “enjoy the moments”.

Despite his rough past with alcohol, Carney still thought that Mad Monday and alcohol as a way to relax is important; he might have been one of the few bad eggs, but the players do need a chance to de-stress.

“That person [who did the bubbler incident] shouldn’t drink, because it doesn’t happen all the time”

“I’m happy to say that I wreck it for some players because I’m the small minority who do stuff up, but it’s a big game and there’s a lot of players out there”

At least in the years since, Todd’s been able to look back and laugh, including in a new Sportsbet ad;


Hear all this plus more about the book and his relationship with MAFS’ Suzie in the video at the top of this article.

You can find more about Todd’s book here.