One dog has died and at least one other has fallen ill following a suspected baiting attack at a park in Sydney, 9 News reports.

It’s believed that the fatal incident occurred last week in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs when a woman was walking her Husky through Rushcutters Bay Park, near the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia.

It’s believed that the dog reportedly became sick after ingesting a yellow aniseed-smelling substance that had been on the base of a tree in the park. The second dog that fell ill after walking in the same park is reported to have ingested the same substance.

Speaking with 9 News, a spokesperson for Woollahra Council said that they had heard reports of two possible cases of dog poisoning at Rushcutters Bay Park.

“Rangers and park staff are conducting extra patrols of the area,” the spokesperson said.

“We ask people to be cautious when walking their dogs. If your dog becomes sick, seek immediate attention from a vet.”

This comes after the owners of a new puppy in Sydney’s northern beaches believe that they were targeted in a baiting attack after finding a piece of meat stuffed with green pellets in their yard.