A 95-year-old Sydney woman who passed away at a hospital on Tuesday night after developing a respiratory illness has been confirmed to have had coronavirus on Wednesday evening, according to 9 News.

This means that the elderly woman is the second Australian person to have died from the disease, also known as COVID-19.

This comes after an aged-care worker at the woman’s nursing home became diagnosed with coronavirus, potentially exposing elderly residents to the virus in Sydney’s north, reports the ABC.

NSW health Authorities have confirmed that the woman in her 50s works at Baptist Care Dorothy Henderson Lodge in Macquarie Park.

The aged-care worker is the third-person to be infected via human-to-human transmission in Australia.

According to NSW Health Minister Brad Hazard, the woman came into contact with 13 residents at the nursing home, following which two of them suffered respiratory symptoms.

One of these residents was the 95-year-old woman who died. The second resident is an 82-year-old man who is being treated in hospital after testing positive to coronavirus on Tuesday.


This comes as the number of cases of coronavirus in New South Wales has risen to 22.