74-year-old Danny Lim, known as Sydney’s sandwich board activist, is contesting a $500 fine from police over an alleged “offensive” sign.

Body camera footage was shown in Downing Centre Local Court on Wednesday that allegedly showed Mr Lim crying out for help as he was arrested by police for offensive behaviour.

In the footage, Yahoo! News reports that police can be heard swearing during the arrest while Mr Lim was allegedly crying out for help.

The sign in question that sparked the arrest in Barangaroo back in January reportedly readL: “SMILE CVN’T! WHY CVN’T?”

In the video footage, three police officers confiscated the sign and restrained Mr Lim in handcuffs after he attempted to take back his sign.

At the time he was charged and handed a fine of $500, which he is now contesting in court.

A crowd that witnessed the arrest can also allegedly be heard in the footage telling police that their actions were “ridiculous” and “disgusting”. Two bystanders reportedly gave evidence on court on Wednesday to say that they didn’t find the sign “offensive”.


Mr Lim’s lawyer Bryan Wrench was challenging whether his sign was actually offensive, comparing the sign to UK fashion brand FCUK.

The police officers involved in the case maintained that the sign was offensive because it was referencing the ‘C’ word.

This is not the first time that Mr Lim has been fined for an allegedly offensive sign.

Back in 2015, Mr Lim received a $500 fine for wearing a sign that appeared to mock the then prime minister Tony Abbot. The fine was overturned in August 2017.