We’re all being warned to be extra cautious today as weather conditions are expected to be incredibly hot, dry and smokey.

With bushfire danger increasing, temperatures are set to soar to above 40 degrees in some parts of Sydney today with the main advice being to stay indoors when possible.

Of course, while we’re taking extra care of ourselves today, we must also remember to take care of our pets and other wildlife as they too bare these heatwave conditions.

The RSPCA has a list of 10 top tips to help keep your pets cool and comfortable throughout Summer and more specifically on days like today.

1. Make sure your pets have plenty of fresh water and store it in a cool place. Consider putting out more than one bowl, possibly with ice to keep it cool, and even put out a kiddy pool full of fresh water so they can sit in it if they need to.

2. Consider allowing outdoor pets to come inside in the airconditioning

3. Make sure your pet’s flea treatments are up to date


4. Clip or groom your pets hair to help keep them cool

5. Ensure your pets have access to some form of shade

6. Pets with fair skin or pink noses can get sunburn. Pet-friendly zinc is available for purchase which can be applied to their noses and ears.

7. Search your pet daily for any signs of ticks, which are particularly prevalent in hot weather

8. Freeze some pet food and leave it out as an ice block for you pet to lick during the day as it defrosts

9. Ensure all of your pet’s vaccines are up to date


10. Don’t exercise your pets in the middle of the day as this could lead to potentially fatal heat stress.

Under no circumstances should pets be left inside a locked car, particularly in this type of weather. If you do see a pet locked in a car and they are in distress contact your local police station or the RSPCA on 9770 7555.

We’re also being told to keep an eye out for wildlife. You can help them avoid heat stress by placing water containers out in the shade for them.

If you do notice any injured or distressed wildlife in the heat today you can contact WIRES on 1300 094 737.