Well Sydney we officially give you permission to skip work today and head to the beach instead! (Your boss may not agree but that’s a future you problem)

In what is being described as the hottest start to Spring in about a decade, we’ve certainly been experiencing some delightful weather so far in September.

And things are only going to get HOTTER from here, with the weather today set to feel like Summer!

According to the Bureau Of Meteorology, the temperature is forecast to hit a whopping 29 degrees in Sydney today.

If you live out west, the news is even better with temperatures set to soar above 30 degrees! It will reach 31 in places like Penrith, Liverpool, Richmond and Parramatta.

So you can understand why we want to be outside enjoying it rather than sitting inside at our desks at work! Especially seeing as things are set to get a lot cooler by tonight.

Late today a cold change is set to move through the south-east of the country bringing possible showers, storms and potentially damaging winds with it.


The strong winds have also brought a high risk of fire danger today, with the BOM issuing a fire weather warning for northern and northeastern NSW.

The cool change will also significantly impact the temperature in the coming days with Sydney only set to reach 20 degrees on Saturday and 20 on Sunday.

Out west, it’s likely to only reach 19 degrees on Saturday and 20 on Sunday.

So like we said before, today is the day to get about and enjoy the Summer-like weather while we can!