A baby koala has latched itself onto the back of a miniature Schnauzer after mistaking the pet for its mum.

Tony the dog was leisurely wandering around its Adelaide home when the native animal decided to tag along.

“I followed him on his way out and saw the baby jump on him. It went for about two minutes before he came off and scampered up a tree,” his owner Henry said after letting Tony out for “a pee”.

The joey had attached himself to the pet dog, and obviously had no plans to let go. However, Tony the dog wasn’t too impressed, eventually managing to remove his “adoptive child” from his back.

The koala quickly scurried off up a tree.

“I think his mum was probably up in the tree having a sleep and the baby thought Tony was his mum.”


Thankfully, Tony, Henry and the koala all escaped the incident unharmed.