A poor nervous little L-Plater in Victoria has been fined $1652 for going on a lesson with their MOTHER.

The cop, who in my humble opinion is a total jerk-face, deemed it to be “non-essential travel” and loaded them with the fat fine.

The 17 year old was practicing wet-weather driving and wow… I’m so glad my L Plate days are over.

Apparently the kid was breaching stage 3 restrictions.

It’s completely understandable that they didn’t think they were doing anything wrong.

Considering they weren’t planning to exit the car at all on their trip and were just doing a driving route.

The jerkface officer told them they were too far from home and would be fined. 


But hey, rules be rules in this dog eat dog world.

Profound I know.

What YOU should know is that these rules are different state by state.

So in Victoria, driving lessons have now been deemed non-essential but in NSW IT IS STILL OKAY.

“This is a learning activity that cannot be done from home and is akin to the listed reasonable excuse of travelling to attend an educational institution where you cannot learn from home”, NSW Police informed Daily Mail Australia and now we’re informing you.

So get those hours! By the time we’re out of this mess you might actually have racked up the 120.