People in Sydney are being warned to be on the lookout for symptoms of measles after a man returning to the city from Southeast Asia was diagnosed with the disease.

The man reportedly visited Hornsby, Lane Cove, Lindfield, Sydney’s CBD, Netown and Eskineville while infectious between June 30 and July 8.

While NSW Health have said that none of these locations pose an ongoing risk, a health alert has been issued for those who may have visited these places at the same time as the infected man.

NSW Health communicable diseases director Vicky Shepherd has said that symptoms can take up to 18 days to appear and so people at risk should be cautious.

“People in the same places at the same time as the man should be alert for signs and symptoms of measles until July 26,” Dr Sheppeard said in a statement.


Symptoms of meales can include fever, sore eyes, a cough for three or four days and a red, spotty rash that can spread from head to toe.

People can be vaccinated against measles and those who has two doses of the vaccine have lifelong protection against the disease in 99 out of 100 cases, NSW Health said.

“If you’re unsure whether you’ve had two doses, it’s safe to have another,” Dr Shepheard said.

Since Christmas last year, more than 40 people have been diagnosed with measles in NSW.