After being evicted on Wednesday night’s episode of The Bachelor in dramatic circumstances over her trying to give one of the show’s producers her phone number, Rachael has been on a tour-de-force of the media, including shell-shocking the hosts of Studio 10 with an F-Bomb, but we reckon the trauma she’s given to our very own Mike E might be the biggest incident.

Just before going live on-air with Mike E and Emma, Rachael mentioned that Mike E has her blocked on Instagram, so the guys just had to ask why it was. Turns out that years ago, Rachael got herself blocked by inciting a fight with Mike E’s ex-girlfriend.

According to Rachael, “back in the day when Mike E was dating this chick, I tagged my friend in your photo being like ‘isn’t this your boyfriend?'”

This was such a big incident that even Emma remembered it; “that went down while we were on air, and Mike E was actively fighting with his girlfriend over your comment!”

Mike E remembers it differently though; “you said ‘Didn’t you F him!’, you said ‘didn’t you ‘f*** him’! And I get her blowing up on my phone going ‘who’s this chick?'”

At the time, Mike E was shocked, not knowing either Rachael or her friend, but here we are some 5 years later, finally learning the truth of the incident. It’s a good thing Mike E was able to laugh about it!

Watch our full chat with Rachael below;