Pet owners who brought their new puppy home just days ago have found a piece of contaminated meat in their front yard in what they suspect is a targeted attack.

The owners from Sydney’s Northern Beaches warned other pet owners in the area of the discovery on a local pets page on Facebook.

A man claimed that his neighbours made the horrible discovery of a piece of meat filled with green pellets at the front of his house on Sunday, on Whitney Street in Mona Vale.

The green pellets were believed to have been snail or rat poison.

The discovery was particularly scary as they had only just brought their puppy home a few days prior.

This isn’t the first case of possible baiting occurring in the Northern Beaches area.

The person who posted the warning on the Facebook page said that they had their own experience with baiting recently, having to get their dog’s stomach pumped earlier this year after it ate something poisonous in their backyard.


It was also added that a cat owner in the area also found something suspicious in their yard a short time ago.

Pet owners in the area are now concerned that there is a serial baiter in their community.

“No idea who is responsible but if you live nearby or walk your pets in the area be a little vigilant on what they pick up to eat on the sidewalks,” the Facebook post warned.

“Some cruel animal hater lives nearby.”