While it might not be summer yet, we’ve certainly been experiencing some warmer-than-usual weather here in NSW recently.

And while we thought this was a blessing, it turns out that it’s actually causing snakes to be out and slithering about much earlier than usual.

The Australian Reptile Park has issued a warning on their Facebook Page to let people know that snake season is officially here.

“It is out-of-the-ordinary to see snakes this early,” said head of reptiles Daniel Rumsey.

“As we go into spring, it’s the season to brush up on your snakebite first aid knowledge and ensure all Australians as doing what they can to coexist with out slithery friends.”

While they’ve been quick to remind us all that “snakes are NOT out to hurt you”, the truth is that around 3000 people are bitten by the reptile each year they did tell us what we should do if we come across a snake in the wild.

“The majority of snake bites that do occur in this country come from two things,” he said in the video. “People trying to catch or kill the snake themselves. Don’t do those two things and you really do reduce your chances of being bitten by a snake dramatically.”


In order to try and keep snakes out of your backyard this snake season, the Australian Reptile Park advised that we keep our grass short, clutter to a minimum and get rid of any wood piles or rubbish.

If you do come across a snake in your yard, we’re being told to leave it to the professionals. You can contact a snake catcher in our area to come and help you.

In the case of actually being bitten by a snake, the Australian Reptile Park says that the person should remain calm and still.

The bite area should then be wrapped completely in a pressure-bandage, a demonstration of which can be found in the video above. Medial attention should also be sought immediately.

Daniel also reminded us that snakes don’t want to bite us. They are merely scared and if you leave them alone, they’ll do the same with you.


Check out more in the video above!