By Ryan Atkins

An exotic dancer performing at the XTC Cabaret in Dallas is lucky to be alive after she slipped mid-routine from her pole and fell six metres.

In a video that has since gone viral, Genea Sky can be seen balancing upside-down on her pole before suddenly losing grip and plummeting to the ground.

The horrifying accident left Genea with a broken jaw, some cracked teeth and a sprained ankle, which makes it even more unbelievable that our gal literally shook off the pain and continued to TWERK RIGHT AFTER SHE HIT THE DANCEFLOOR!


In an emotional vid posted to twitter, Genea revealed that she was “overwhelmed” and despite “having a hard time” is “thankful for all the positive messages” and “all the love”.

Sadly, the job doesn’t cover the cost of the injury.

Despite this, one of Genea’s friends set up a crowdfunding campaign to help with the expenses of the medical bills.


It’s honestly amazing to see the good people of the internet supporting the cause.

At the time of posting, over 1.4K people have donated and raised over $29,000!

The money hasn’t gone to waste either.

Thankfully, “the surgery went well” according to one of Genea’s latest Insta posts.

After experiencing such a huge fall, you might expect one to call it quits or at the very least invest in a harness. NOPE.

Instead, the entertainer is more than ready to get back on stage. In a statement posted to twitter, she wrote:


“As soon as I’m healed and cleared to work again, I will be right back at XTC Cabaret in Dallas, TX putting on the same show”.

Inspirational, right? I mean, look… if Genea Sky can keep twerking after falling six metres, you can finish that annoying report, ask that guy out… or resist takeaway and cook your own dinner for once.