Anyone caught breaking the rules of Sydney’s water restrictions from this weekend will cop a hefty fine.

Level 1 water restrictions were introduced on June 1st this year, meaning that Sydneysiders have had to follow certain rules when it came to using water at your home or business.

Following a three month grace period, individuals can now be fined $220 and business $550 for breaking the rules from September 1st. Before now, anyone caught breaking the rules was issued a warning.

Speaking to 9 News, Water Minister Melinda Pavey has said that community water officers will now be out in force across Sydney and will be issuing fines.

“They are going to be watching out, they don’t want water waster, the rest of Sydney doesn’t want water waster, so let’s just do the right thing and we’ll get as much of the Sydney water supply as we can,” Ms Pavey said.

“The people that we’ve recruited to run this campaign, to not be out there as bad people cracking (down), they are part of a team effort to get the longest we can out of our water supply.”

Level 1 water restrictions involve the following rules:


– Standard sprinklers and watering systems are banned at all times
– Washing hard surfaces, such as paths, driveways, decks, parking areas etc. with a hose for a general cleanis banned at all time
– One hand-held hose at a time or one drip-irrigation system can be used to water gardens and lawns between 5PM and 10AM
– Cars and building can only be washed with a hose that is fitted with a trigger nozzle
– New and existing private swimming pools and external spas can be topped up with a hand-held hose but only between 5PM and 10AM

Water restrictions apply to everyone in Sydney, the Blue Mountains and the Illawarra regions. Find more info here.

Last week, the dam levels in Sydney dropped below 50 per cent for the first time in 12 years. If the level falls down closer to 40 per cent, level 2 water restrictions will likely be introduced.