This is Elsa – the baby koala currently in the care of the Australian Reptile Park. Isn’t she adorable?

Earlier this week, keepers undertook an emergency intervention after discovering Elsa’s mother, Irene, was experiencing mastitis. In other words, the young koala wasn’t getting the milk she desperately needed for her growth, and essentially, survival.

Keepers took both Elsa and Irene into care where they have been taken very good care of. And yes, they will be reunited once both have recovered.

For the next four to six months, Elsa will be fed from a bottle until she becomes independent enough to eat eucalyptus leaves.

Elsa is a part of this year’s breeding of seven koala joeys at the NSW wildlife sanctuary, and has become an ambassador for the Park’s conservation efforts.


Want more cuteness? Watch the video below!