From window stickers to air fresheners and fluffy dice, a list of seemingly-innocent items, that Aussie drivers can get fined for having, has been released.

Drivers can be fined up to $344 and slapped with three demerit points for having stickers on their rear window or hanging fluffy dice from their rear-view mirror.

Hanging air fresheners, flags and toys could also attract a fine if police consider them obstructions. GPS systems placed on the lower right or lower centre of the windscreen could also see the driver receiving a hefty fine for the same reasons.

“Mobile phones, GPS devices and other technology or items in the car can be a major distraction for drivers and divert their attention from the task at hand,” Police traffic commander, Superintendent Bob Gray told the Daily Mail.

“When mounting your GPS display or adding any decorative items, like fluffy dice or stickers, consider whether it will obscure your vision. It is important that drivers have a clear view of the road, to the front, back and sides, at all times.”

The NRMA has advised NSW drivers to “use a bit of common sense” when decorating the inside of their car.

“The most important thing is to have a clear view of the road at all times,” it says.


“It’s never a good idea to stick or hang anything on the windscreen that will obscure your view.

“It’s not just cars we are looking out for on the road, it could be a young child or a dog which may be hard to see.”


NSW: $344 fine, three demerit points
VIC: $248 fine
QLD: $311 fine
WA: $100 fine, one demerit point
SA: $253 fine