Earlier this year told you that your old Pokémon cards could go for thousands, but the Pokémon market just took a huge leap forward, with the rarest card ever printed selling for a mind-blowing $195,000 USD (around $285,000AUD).

The card was sold last week by New York auction house Weiss Auctions, sealed in a near-mint condition. The card, known as “Pikachu Illustrator”, features fan-favourite Pikachu holding paintbrushes and seemingly painting other characters from the franchise. Fewer than 40 of these cards were given away as a prize for a Pokémon Illustration Contest in 1998, and supposedly only 5 still exist in public circulation, with some more in private collections. The last time it sold was in $2016 for $55,000 USD ($75,000 AUD at the time). It’s said even non-mint Illustrator Pikachu cards will sell for at least $50,000.

The art on the card was done by Pikachu’s creator Atsuko Nishida and features various entirely unique icons and labels, such as the “Illustrator” title and pen icon.

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