It’s been a few months since Moey took the internet by storm with his now iconic ‘not bhed, good syze’ on the wings of a Brown Cardigan video, but the saga isn’t quite done.

Moey recently starred in an ad for the app Spacenow that adapted his signature catchphrase to ‘Good Sites’

So the path ahead was clear – we had to get him on the show, and it was fantastic. Moey told us all about the fishing trip that led to the video, down at Botany or “Beirut by the bay” as Moey called it. The best news is, the video is the real deal – Moey’s brother did in fact, two seconds in, catch a fish of a good size.

Moey has since had to deal with his now-iconic catchphrase on a daily basis, copping tags on Instagram, at work, and apparently even at the worst of times; like after a recent car accident.

But the phrase is all his; Moey smartly jumped on it straight away and trademarked it after it blew up, so you might be able to get some ‘not bhed’ merch soon!


Thanks to Moey for joining us, the interview was, how do you say it; ‘NOT BHED’!

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