The bushfires that are currently raging through NSW have not only devastated homes across the state but our precious wildlife as well.

Unfortunately, it’s believed approximately 350 koalas living at a Koala Conservation in Post Macquarie have died in the horrific fires.

Others are lucky to have been saved and are currently being looked after by volunteers around the state.

Port Macquarie Veterinary Hospital posted a heartbreaking video to their Facebook page of one little rescue animal that was brought into their clinic on Monday.

The tiny possum had been rescued form the fires on the northern coast of NSW, left with some serious burns from the flames.

In the video the possum looks quite weak and is being held upright by someone at the veterinary clinic. Burns can be seen on the possums little paw.

“This little cutie was brought in to us today, a little worse for wear after being caught in one of the fires,” they wrote on Facebook.


The little possum was shown chewing on a small piece of apple in the video, clearly very hungry after being saved from the blazes.

“So thirsty and so hungry, she enjoyed her apple and syringe fed water and some nap time. A little more recoup time and some care for her burns, and hopefully she’ll make a full recovery.”

While the video is beautiful, it’s also simultaneously heartbreaking. It shows just how badly these bushfires have affected our animals – even this one possum who really is one of the lucky ones to have even survived.

Donations are desperately needed to help the volunteers taking care of the various animals across our state.

Find out how you can help here!

A statewide Total Fire Ban is still in affect today.