Here’s the thing. The government is doing a pretty good job containing the coronavirus, considering we’ve only just had our first fatality.

But when you look at the hypocrisy of the facts we’re about to drop on you, it makes you stroke your chin and go hmmmmmm, just a little bit. 

Similar to those coming from China, travellers must quarantine themselves at home for two weeks, which absolutely makes sense!

However what doesn’t make sense is that these restrictions haven’t been implemented on travellers from South Korea and Italy. 

If you compare the number of cases between the countries, there are 593 confirmed cases in Iran and 3,100 IN SOUTH KOREA AND 1,100 IN ITALY??

So WHY Iran? 

Apparently Iran has the most confirmed fatalities from the virus, however fatalities can have many contributing factors such as healthcare availability and age. 


Peter Dutton has spoken to ABC’s Insiders discussing how it isn’t “possible to extend the ban to every country”. 

With COVID-19 resulting in almost 3,000 deaths worldwide, maybe we should be looking at stricter bans?